Leadership Development Plan

Take the initiative on new projects that come up 6. Opens up and communications well with manager What other performance indicators can I notice? * Performance Indicators 1. Sometime gets overwhelmed with stress 2. Heavy workloads tend to cause stress Conclusion * Focus area priorities 1. Develop more confidence when it comes to my written communication 2. Develop more self confidence and courage 3. Stop being so passive in difficult situations What is my desired state? What do I hope to improve/achieve? * Desired state 1 .

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Able to talk and act confidently regardless of what the situation or who I’m talking to. Not afraid to voice out my ideas and opinion and willing to try new things and take some risk. Always look for new opportunities rather than walking the common path. Able to influence others and decisions made because I show great confidence. 2. Able to be assertive and take control of situations. Able to press hard for my recommendations, ideas, and decisions. To proactively take the lead in as many situations as possible. Not be passive is difficult situations no matter who is in the room. Able to write with confidence regardless who will be reading my written communication. Able to write without fear of what others think. Develop a good business writing technique. Why do I want to achieve that? What does it give me? * Why do I want it? 1 . With confidence, I can achieve new opportunities for myself. I am able to command more respect and others will be able to see my worth. Will dare to try new things and go against the group, which gives me more opportunities for success. With confidence, my true self will, will finally shine through. 2.

With assertiveness, no longer follow other people’s decisions and will. I get to choose for myself and live on my own terms. By being assertive, command respect from others. I also participate and contribute fully when I am assertive. It further builds my confidence and installs self esteem in me. 3. By being confident in my written communication I will not regret things I have written. I will not write something that could hurt me in the future. I will create better communication between myself and other employees. What are my short term goals? * Short term goals 1 .

Make 3 new recommendations to my boss every month and get him to seriously consider it. 2. Speak up in situations, instead of walking away. 3. Attend the written communication class my company is offering. What are my long term goals? * Long term goals 1 . Able to command confidence whenever I want, regardless of the situation. Not be affected by setbacks. 2. Have the habit of taking the lead in most situations and being assertive, while at the same time keeping some balance and not being extreme. 3. Have the ability to show confidence in my writing.

Not having o be questioned about my writing because I’ll get my point across with the first written communication. How do I get there? What is needed? What must I improve/learn/experience to achieve that desired state? * What is needed? 1. Use techniques learned in my written communication course 2. Practice being assertive by suggesting ideas and making decisions during weekly company meetings, and by requesting to lead a new projects.