Leadership Experience

With experience, with age or from birth? In order to rise to the top, you need to have everything to climb. A person, who has the courage to go forward or up, needs two things. He needs a backpack (worldview, knowledge), which has all the necessary items for the road: clothing, maps, gear. One can change their world through conscious control, in order to create the desired set of habits. And he needs a character (set of habits) that can be graphically represented as an ice ax that can cut down the steps and stay in a tight spot.

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When you make your character resilient, you automatically create a tool that will not let you down in a difficult time and will not interfere in the easy mime. Everything learned in the class, helped me to work out my own business plan for the development of leadership within myself. We identify the following steps that create a true leader within the person: * Development of personal values; * Organization and motivation of yourself; * Ability to make good choices, set on good examples. The first thing is about the relationship between personal and business values. Ad been looking for information about the values on the Internet, asking questions to psychologists, the value seemed for me to be unexplored and crude, but now received the first impression of the values. I learned that the value – is the form of expressing yourself and relationships with others that brings the highest satisfaction. Values work as a life compass. Physicists have shown that the values have a wave nature. When a person truly speaks about something important at the level of the body and verbal language, changes happen.

This is who we are right now. And not who we want to be. Not who we should be. Value is not a desire, fantasy or belief. Business is a community rather than a jungle. It has its own values, principals and laws. Humanity from antiquity to the present ay is dreaming of making a just business peace on the earth. A man-made concept of justice is invented as an ideal measure of the relationship between people. Animals do not have the need for justice, they are guided by instincts and everything that happens to them, perceives naturally.

Man is very serious and often sensitive about unfair treatment, even though he often does not see his own unfair treatment of others. Therefore, they say, “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you. ” This idea of reciprocity and fair exchange relationships (actions, deeds, things) built by people is an important Renville of behavior in business. The first lessons in leadership I received from parents. Somehow, being in China, my farther went to a hairdresser. The woman, who cut his hear, complained for the difficulties of her business, that she couldn’t pay the rent.

Then came a new customer. It turned out that his 40- year-old wife had recently died. The barbershop owner cut his hair and refused to charge, saying that he is going through really hard time right now. But a few minutes ago, she was talking about her financial difficulties. My father gave her a good tip, explaining that this was an excellent lesson for leadership. ” My arenas explained me how important it is to treat people with respect, no matter who they are. My parents have helped me to understand that the example of leadership can be applied by any man, and even in the most ordinary situations.

For becoming a good leader we must understand the internal structure of the business and develop our own values in harmony with the principles of the business world. The second thing is to organize and motivate yourself. I understand how to give myself the best chance to flourish. We can make leaders from ourselves. But the main thing here is that by changing myself, I must always stay myself. You do not need necessary to wear a mask of who you want to be, even if you really want it. It will not lead to good results; you will only inflate your cheeks instead of an objective assessment of your capabilities.

We need to use the full power of all the energy, talents and abilities that are given to us. There is no need to wait for the results from reading popular psychological literature with the promising titles like “Leader for the Week”, “How quickly to become a millionaire” and etc. , biographies of “famous and successful. ” Moreover it will not be useful to visit courses, where self-styled psychologists, of ours, for a large fee, are teaching people how to become successful. Objective assessment of yourselves, your capabilities, coupled with self-development and a clear statement of purpose – that is what is needed.

In order to analyze my drawbacks, to accept them (which is itself a step forward) and to uproot it, find out the following methods: * Talk with my own inside critic. We need to listen to his comments on others and ourselves and objectively contradict him. And even better to have a notebook in which to write down everything he tells you. I should step back and look at myself, as if it really were the words f another person. For example, instead of “l wrong here” to “she was wrong here”. * Talk to close friends and relatives.

I can give them a piece of paper or tape, on which they will have to write down all the bad things that they see in you, and everything that they love. It is advisable to ask the closest friends, and to have the number of good and bad traits about the same. We must not be afraid of everything said and listen up. We should not be upset, and take into consideration a new ideas and knowledge. * Write on a sheet of paper, my drawbacks and the reasons that not allow achieving what you want, and then burn it. This procedure can be carried out several times to achieve better results. Should not be afraid to be honest with myself.

I need to write everything that comes to mind. The psychologists consider that we should be very honest with ourselves. * Every day celebrate my successes. At the end of the day, before going to bed, I should write down in a notebook everything that was able to do today. This will help me to adjust myself on doing things outlined in the plan for the next day. Whatever happens, there must be written something at each date. This exercise will help to identify weaknesses and to make a plan of “self- erection”. Who, if not me? This is a universal question that everyone needs to ask himself, including a leader.

If a want to be a good leader, I should ask it every time, when I find it difficult, when I give up, when I lose interest in the work. There are situations when nobody can help. What to do? Real leader have to create a positive motivation in the work himself. The techniques I learned in class will help me to achieve this. The last step of the plan is about how to implement everything we learned into the real world. Leadership – morality, raised to a power. Apart from the moral qualities of a common person, the morality of the leader affects organizations, communities and a society as a whole.

It is known that leaders are able to inflict great harm or great benefit to those who support them. The leader’s error can cause lot damage. Leadership is a special type of human relationship. Ethics determines how people act towards each other in different conditions. I understood, that the leader’s business objectives have to be non-market. Otherwise their company would have no long-term success. This is a set of examples. Let’s consider the situation with BP and the Gulf of Mexico. Why did this company survive after such a disaster?

In my opinion, it was because she had formed the image of the company, which faithfully committed to protecting the environment. They have spent a huge amount of money to remove the consequences of man-made disaster and minimize losses. And society understands this, it trusts this company. If another company placed BP, think that it would leave the market. Nowadays, mission, which is targeted for social purposes, and morale are important. Therefore, leaders should base their business on non-market objectives, which they not only should broadcast to society in the form of statements, but also they must support it by real actions.

We need to understand how to make good choices set on good examples. In this case, the method of “best practices” is useful. The history knows lot of examples of leaders, whose actions are moral and ethic. Kaka Benzedrine, one of the famous Russian businessmen, believed that no matter how much is spent on personal consumption, now it’s just a measure of success. He was not afraid of ruining and disgracing himself. He said, that the main scary was to disgrace to the person for your failure, for having failed in business and threw out the people who were working on you.

A striking example of a responsible approach to social problems is Bill Gates. He is helping the development of computer literacy in many countries and reveals to humanity new problems, which are to be solved in our information age. Of course, not all businessmen tend to such an understanding of personal responsibility for the success of solving the problems. Many modern global businessmen recently convicted of major manipulations and dishonest actions that led to the global economic crisis. However, the number of unethical entrepreneurs is gradually reduced. Even in totally corrupt

Russia the amount of businessmen with a sense of social responsibility, who are trying by all means to improve the welfare of its staff and community, increases each year. They do not do this for PR in the form of one-day charity events; they are constantly and consistently trying to improve the society. The business world is changing for the better, so the modern and future leaders have to be moral and ethical. It is generally assumed, that leadership is the management of other people, but is not necessarily so. Leadership begins within you. Leadership is the ability to manage our own lives.

Skills that are inherent in the leaders, particularly the ability to make decisions, to plan work, to coordinate, to work hard, responsibility and vision can be used in lives of common people. You can be a leader without controlling other people. For example, you can be a leader and create a great business on the Internet, and for this you do not need other people. You just need you to be a leader, so that you can effectively manage a man whom you every day see in the mirror. Leadership is needed in the family. In the family, leadership is the ability to understand your children, your wife or husband.