Leadership Gender

Abraham and Kelly[31] called it “a paradigm shift” which re-emphasizes the combination of micro (i. E. People) and macro (i. E. Organization and strategy) in management studies. Schuler[32] also emphasized “linking the people with the strategic needs of the business” as a critical success factor for many organizations. In addition, the issue of the “fit” between people (i. E. Managers and employees) and organization (i. . Strategy, structure and process) has raised much concern and interest among academic researchers and practitioners].

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Miles and Snow[33] explained the dynamics of fit: Misfit and minimal fit produce organizational failures or survival whereas tight fit and early tight fit result in excellence and ‘the Hall of Fame”. The current study is an attempt to find how organizations can create and develop tight fit or early tight fit between people and their needs. For example, linking the people (managers and employees) with the strategic needs of the business such as competence acquisition, development ND utilization requires an in-depth analysis[34]. Many organizations currently emphasize ‘teams” in their management processes.

Because developing/keeping constructive confrontation is critical for teams[35], organizations try to organize teams with different types of people[36]. To assess and identify different types of people, organizations have adopted different measures. Instead of relying on a single measure, organizations have found that a combination of different measures could result in higher reliability[37]. In addition to leadership style, the importance of gender role and decision Tyler is added to find the right people to meet the strategic needs of the businesses.

However, a question still remains: are they substitutes or supplements? This requires further exploration on the relationship between gender Finally, although this study did not include the meaning of androgyny, it has been discussed by many By defining androgyny as an ideal of human functioning blending the strong characteristics of masculinity and femininity, they argued that androgyny is necessary for a leader to be Conclusions The findings of this study statistically supported the argument that there exists a lose relationship between gender role, decision style and leadership style.

Also, the findings suggest that different measures of gender role, decision style and leadership style can be adopted by organizations in their attempts to acquire, develop and utilize competence. In the light of the fact that some of the findings of this study concur with those from previous research[4,6,26], while other findings raise new questions, some suggestions are made for future research. Among the possibilities for further needed research would be development and validation of an instrument o measure gender role/decision style/leadership style effectiveness.