Leadership of Oedipus, Hugo Chavez, and Lord Voldemort

He left his home and abandoned whom he thought were his parents and went far away without knowing that, in his way, he was going to kill his father and marry his own mother, just as was predicted. Lord Voltmeter spent years chasing Harry Potter and tried to kill him several times. Harry was the only person who ever survived his attacks, so Voltmeter felt the necessity to kill him. Hugo Shave’ mission was making a whole country poor, and at some point, he was close to his target.

He has been in power for 14 years, but now the opposition has a strong candidate, and Shave is afraid that his command could reach the end. He is so afraid that he made up his lethal cancer, and almost a year after, he said he didn’t have the disease anymore. These leaders live with fears much bigger than we can imagine, and they would do anything possible in this world to meet their goals. In contrast to Oedipus, Voltmeter is the leader of evil. Voltmeter doesn’t care that people know his intentions of killing Harry, or that everybody is afraid of him.

On the other side, Oedipus is the king of the Thebes, a king that’s looking for a killer that he would never find until he realized that he was the killer he was seeking. Oedipus knew inside himself that he was the killer of his father, but he didn’t want to admit it because this would have meant the end of his world. Also, because he didn’t want the Thebe’s to know that their king was a killer not only of his father, but also the killer of more people, this shows the difference between Voltmeter and Oedipus.

While one is afraid that the truth will be exposed to the world, the other one doesn’t care what people think about him and just thinks about meeting his target. Hugo Shave is a president of a country and the leader of poverty and opportunity. The people that follow his ideals are either blind or opportunists. Blind because they don’t see how Shave is destroying Venezuela and converting it into a dictatorship; and opportunists because they are getting advantage and money.

Shave says he wants a socialist country, but what he really wants is a catastrophic where people are poor and defenseless so that he has the total and complete power of the country. In some way, Voltmeter and Shave are the same king of leader, but Shave tries a little to hide his intentions, although unsuccessfully. In conclusion, Oedipus, Hugo Shave, and Lord Voltmeter, are three leaders with different ways of performing, but they would do anything possible to commit their goals, regardless of what they have to do or who pays the consequences.