Leadership Style in an Organisation

As the topic of the research is a management function, attention was concentrated on the span of control circle within the organization for data collection and analyses base on this information from primary and secondary sources were sorted and obtained. Some of the findings that arose from the analysis of data includes: There is for fact a correlation between leadership style and goal attainment in any organization. Organization do not usually adopt one best leadership style, but as the situation demands.

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However, this research worth is ministered as follows: Chapter one will provide: introduction, the background to study, statement f research problems, aim and objectives and this chapter will buttress about significance of the study in a very nutshell. It will also talk about the scope and limitations of the study. Chapter two also take a brief look at the literature by highlighting on the subject matter, as well as related scholarly works done before now. Chapter three explains the research methodology based on the design and development, population, sample of data, sources of data, method of data and so on while.

Chapter four will present and analyze the data gotten from the research and on this; Chapter five will be drawn, which will provide the conclusion base on what is drawn out from chapter four and some recommendation will be made available for the organization and for other organization in Nigeria. CHAPTER ONE 1 -O Introduction 1. 1 Background to study 1. Statement of research problem 1. Maims and objectives 1. Significance the study: 1. Scope and limitation of the study: 1. Definition of some basic term: 1. INTRODUCTION: The bane to development in Nigeria today is the problem of leadership; this is so because successive leaders have failed to work past their Ego and selfishness in dressing real issues, rather they have been busy in adopting divide and Rule Tendency, in moving the nation forward. Since independence in 1 960, the nation Nigeria have had about 15 different leaders, unfortunately non has been able to re-write the history of our great Nation positively. Every present leader blames the former for the quagmire and chaos in our polity, economic and other aspect of life for the average Nigeria.

Thus, forgetting to answer the real question of how we can move forward? This as a fact in present day Nigeria environment has also affected other aspect f the Nigeria society, like, Private Organizations, Public Corporations, Religious Organization, Educational Sector and so on. Little wonder why SIS’S of Wonder Banks have legitimated fraud within their financial institutions, company Coo’s on waited list, most other private companies folding up, the public sector and it’s bureaucracy, double standard, 10% kickback on contract and so on.

All this , put together have succeeded in mortgaging the future of our great Nation to perpetual self destruction, unless something good is done to put a lasting solution to the present trends. In view of the above, one may rightly say that, “The Role of Leadership Style” is of paramount in every aspect of our life, specifically in attainment of corporate goal, either in the public or private sector of the economy. It should be noted that leadership is not for every “Dick and Harry” (as evidenced in present day Nigeria), and it is not something that even really good leaders necessarily want to do for all time i. Nelson Mandela. Above all else, leaders need to know where it is time to stop leading, to hand over the reigns to someone else, this is so because the leader that outstays his or her illnesses or capacity to lead is one that will eventually do poor service to their followers i. E Robert Manage of Zanzibar. Moreover, leadership has been said to be about getting “results” for your followers. Thus, if you get results people will support you. Often, without caring too much about how you got them because, without results, all the style or charisma in the world wont retain the support of your follower for long: i. Bassoon to the South-West community, this is also true for the leader of a Military command, sorts team, a political party, a government department and equines organization. In addition to a right leadership structure is one that focuses and motivates a group to enable them to achieve their aims, it also involves being accountable and responsible for a group as a whole. Thus, a leader should: Provide continuity and momentum Be flexible in allowing changes of direction ideally, a leader should be a few steps ahead of their team, but not too far for the team to be able to understand and follow them. . 1 BACKGROUND TO STUDY ESTABLISHMENT OF 149 BIN MRS. The establishment of 149 BIN MRS. dated back to the commissioning of Joy Military Cantonment in 1973. At the time the Cantonment was commissioned, the Cantonment was divided into four camps, each camp accommodated 2 AN training school, camp 1 – NAS and AN S & T school, camp 2 – NANAS & Record office, camp 3 APT school and NAS school while camp 4 comprises of NANAS and PM school. In 1989, 149 BIN in Mongo, Born State rotated 93 BIN in Joy including all its companies and departments.

At the time the units were rotated, the MRS. was locates in a single building near the BBC. However, in 1981, the MRS. relocated to its present location at camp 3 and the building was commissioned by President She Shari. At this point, it is worthy to mention that, the building the MRS. is occupying at present was formerly used as classrooms for officers and soldiers of NAS CROPS. From 1981 to date, the MRS. has remained unchanged in its present location and the structures have not been replaced. However, over the time, the MRS. has witnessed some renovations of the old structure.

The latest is by presidential Committee on barracks renovations (APPC) in 2008, under millennium development Goals and it is yet to be completed. To meet the health needs of ever increasing population of the cantonment, he MRS. being the only health facility that serves the whole Cantonment with medical services, the MRS. is always busy and runs a RASH services with the few members of staff, since the unit main is on operation at Belays. With a new health scheme called the KNISH, the MRS. has also witnessed some changes i. Increase in services rendered, more equipment procurement and population of attendee has also increased at every department of the MRS.. DEPARTMENT IN THE MRS. The MRS. is made up of various departments, all these departments work as a team but with division of labor to achieve a common goal which is recovery of the patients. OUT PATIENT DEPARTMENT (POD): This is the point of call for any one who is reporting sick. The staff of this department and the MRS. as a whole run 24 hours services. WARD: this department is where patient who have been seen by doctor and is booked for admission are attended to.

This department is supposed to designated accordingly i. E Female ward, Male ward, Children ward and Maternity ward, but due to uncompleted renovation exercise female and children are admitted into one ward. This is not supposed to be. Children are supposed to be in a different ward on their own. There are individual rooms created as amenity awards for officer, these rooms take one bed each. LABORATORY: This department handles all investigations listed in the benchmark modality for investigation by primary health care provider under KNISH.

There are some new equipment supplied to the MRS. by APPC but has not yet been installed due to incomplete renovation exercise. MARGUERITE DEPARTMENT: This department is doing very well and is always busy. Antenatal clinic, delivery room and lying – in ward are under this department and are being handled very well by the med-wives. The shortage of space/ward also affects this department in the sense that first stag and stratum patient are together in one ward. This is not supposed to be. The antenatal clinic is busy; it is run 3 days in a week; Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The number of babies delivered in this department every month on the average is 22 and 264 a year. HEALTH DEPARTMENT: This is the department that handles vaccines of various types. They also minimize children and pregnant women. The environmental condition of this department is not conducive, though they try to put things in order so that equipment can be safe and well maintained when put in place for work. HEALTH RECORDS: This department sees to documentation, filling and keeping records of all client case note. It also record statistics of cases attended to on monthly bases and forward to DAML.

DRESS: The DRESS is working we and all records are kept and submitted to the Battalion WHQL who keeps and monitor the DRESS. LEADERSHIP: Leadership of any military organization is place as per highest rank in the unit. Therefore leadership of this unit is placed according to the arm organization. Though it’s a professional unit, and some times the professional head takes the lead, i. E the Doctor is the head of the hospital, but in some cases / tuition where the professional ethics seems to be clashing with military ethics, then there is bound to be conflict.

SERVICES RENDERED: As stated in the outline of each department, several medical services are rendered in this units MRS.. These include: General out patient care services Medical services Mid wife services Nursing services Surgical services: Minor surgery like, I&D, Circumcision and repair of minor laceration. Pharmacy services Family planning services Child welfare services BENEFICIARIES OF SERVICES Soldiers and their families Officers and their families Soldiers and officers personal assistance and dependents. Civilians around the Cantonment. . STATEMENT OF RESEARCH PROBLEM The issue about leadership dates back to the very existence of man himself. In Nigeria today, our obvious challenge has always been that of leadership. Thus as every organization seek to achieve his goal, a wrong leadership and style will mar its objectives. One may rightly say the need to unravel the problem associated with goals attainment and leadership style cannot be over emphasized. 1. MAIMS AND OBJECTIVES To establish a link between leadership style and goals attainment in a forward coking organization.

To determine the effect of a wrong leadership style to the aims and aspirations of an organization. To identify the various styles available to organization to organization leaders. To adopt if any one best method of leading an organization can achieving its short, medium and long term goals. To achieve these aims and objective there are certain question that must be asked and answered. These are; What is the purpose of this organization? What is the product of the organization? Who are the customers/ client of the organization?

The vision of the organization, is it in line with the facility and structure of adhering on ground? 1. Coalescence THE STUDY: Leadership style has been identified as a key factor to any organization success. In face of the many problem and challenges of our great Nation Nigeria, and indeed Sub-Sahara Africa. The result of the study will therefore form a commendable attempt to make visible the various strategic leadership option and to match, leadership style with situation to enable organization know how beat to achieve their short, medium and long term goals. 1. SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF THE STUDY: This study was initially aimed at covering as much indigenous companies as there are in the country. However, time and financial constrains made tit an impossible tasks. Thus, the research is limited to the Nigerian Army Medical Centre, Joy, because of its dynamic leadership structure. Also lack of research centers across the country posed a challenge to this research work. However, it is the belief of the researcher that the information obtained from the outcome of the organization (subject matter) the basis on which the outcome of the researched was generalized.

Though there might be some slight differences. 1. Definition OF SOME BASIC TERM: LEADERSHIP This is the exercise of power and authority in monopolizing resources and influencing the behaviors of the followers to move towards a choose direction and to achieve the organizations objectives and goals. STYLES: Leadership style refers to a leader’s behavior. It is the result of the philosophy, personality and experience of the leader. In other sense it is the ways leaders apply their abilities in various situations to lead in an organization.

ORGANIZATION: Is the rational coordination of the activities of a number of people for the achievement of some common explicit purpose or goal, through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility, with the means of division of labor and functions? SUBORDINATES: A subordinate is anyone that has a lower rank/position to that of a leader. A LEADER: A leader is anyone that has followers who adhere and commit themselves to the leader’s values system. GOAL: Something an organization hopes to achieve in future or the desire toward attainment of organizational vision.

CHAPTER TWO 2. Literature review 2. Introduction 2. 1 Profile of case study 2. Nan overview of leadership 2. Purpose for leadership/roles played by of leaders in an organization 2. 4 How leaders influence group members; 2. Approaches to Theories of leadership 2. Do leaders matter? 2. Qualities of a good leader 2. 8 Types of leadership 2. 9 Leadership dimension 2. 10 Emergence of leaders 2. 11 Distinguish a leader from manager 2. 12 The place of leader’s in the 21st century organization 2. 13 The leader and his leadership 2. 14.

Becoming a global leader 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 2. 0. INTRODUCTION Leadership as a phenomenon has proved to be problematic in the developing parts of the world in spite of globalization, especially here in Nigeria. This is not to conclude that developed countries have entirely overcome the problems of leadership. The social, economic and political situations of the developing actions make it too easy for effects of leadership or a lack of it to manifest itself. Researchers have not been able to agree on a single definition of leadership, hence, R. M.

Stodgily, an American scholar after a literature review of leadership opined that leadership could be defined in the following ways. * Function of group process. * Personality or effects of personality. * The art of inducing compliance. * The exercise of influence * The form of persuasion * A set of acts or behaviors * A power relationship * An instrument of goal achievement * An effect of interaction * A differentiated role * The initiation of structure From the above we can deduce leadership as clearly a role that leads towards goal achievement.