My Leadership Potential

There isn’t a need for me to think for three minutes as I have decided long time ago to become the 1 lath Prime Minister of Malaysia, Insatiably. Why do want to go that far? It is because, I love this country and want to bring Malaysia and the Malaysian to the next level. Malaysian had enough of being in a developing country. Why do I set that as my goal?

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I believe 90% of Malaysian will agree with me that the current leadership of the country is not doing enough for the betterment of the people. Politicking will continue even so long after the General Election had finished. And there goes the 23 years of Malaysia rapid growth under Tuna Dry. Empathic Mohammad. In other words, I would like to continue the legacy of Tuna Dry. Empathic Mohammad in bringing Malaysia walking tall globally. Locally, the legacy of changing the mentality and mindset of Malaysian particularly the Malay should I also continue.

There is no point in having tall physical buildings, long and wide roads as the people are still with low morality and uncivilized attitude. There are several potentials; qualities and skills that I assess now that would help me in achieving my dream of becoming the 1 lath Prime Minister of Malaysia. First, I would say that I was born as a leader. All praise is to Allah, as I had been given a very brave heart and a strong will. As early as in my kindergarten years, am able to speak well in front of a crowd and even strangers.

Until now, could speak up to anyone, even to a crowd of 2500 student and 111-MM officials during the Attar’s Week as the Program Manager in my foundation years. For 2 consecutive years, I had been chosen to be in the executive member’s line up of the Foundation Student Coordination Council in o become the Vice President and later in the 2nd year, I was the President of the council. I managed to maintain a good relationship between the people I work with which is the students, my council members and the CAPSICUM staff.

From this experience, had learned that being and working at the ground level even if you have a title, in my case as a President, people would appreciate you more. The most important thing of being at the ground level is that your work will be more effective and comprehensive as you will directly know what is happening in the community you work with. With that, you will be able to serve your community well. Even though I am an outspoken person, I also possess diplomacy skills as I can get into discussion to solve problems without any flaws.

I am able to influence others to willingly agree with me as I know what approach to use and to whom. Other than that, when dealing with people and problems, will always put myself in other people shoes as I can fairly judge the situation and have more tolerance. I’m a fair person as I can accept good criticism but not insults. If I know what I’m doing is right, will do it full heartedly without hesitation. I regard myself as a person with a very high level of confidence. One of the qualities that presently do not have is self-driven attitude.

What do I mean by that is for example, during the semesters, I will not be serious in my studies and by the end of the semester; I will be driven not by myself, by the final exams. That makes me do things in the last minute. Should change that attitude before I can change people. Next, my biggest enemy is my laziness and I like to procrastinate my works. It has been a long fight against those bad habits and I hope my dream of coming what I want would motivate me to slowly burn down those bad habits of mine. My role model to become a leader is no doubt, Prophet Muhammad P.

B. U. H. He is a role model for every role that exists in this world. The quality that I should derive from Prophet Muhammad P. B. U. H is the way he led the first Muslim country, Indiana AY-Unawares. Even though Indiana that time was consist of various tribes and religions, he managed to lead fairly. The Jews were protected even though they are in a Muslim community. This type of leadership is essential in Malaysia, as it has a multiracial and multi-religion community. By applying the policy and formula used by Prophet Muhammad P.

B. IS. H in governing Indiana, I am sure that Malaysia, even though a multi-cultural society, can apply the Islamic law without threatening the rights of the Non-Muslims. I would say that I would become a unique Prime Minister of Malaysia by trying to achieve 2 main goals which are to become a great nation in the eyes of the world as well as to become a nation that is blessed by Allah S. W. T. My mission is to transform Malaysia into a “New Indiana” which is well balanced in the aspect of worldly matters and also the hereafter.

I would proved to the Non-Muslims particularly in Malaysia that a Muslim country can be at the same level as other developed secular countries but in the same time, we can maintain our pride and status as the believer of Allah. The Non-Muslims will be more prosperous and protected in Malaysia even though Islamic laws will be applied during my time of leadership. The world would have a new perspective on Islam and Islam will gain back the respect from the world. Malaysia would be a great role model to other countries and from that; the world would be at peace again, Installing.