Public Bank Leadership

Public Bank has transformed into a strong and successful financial institution, offering a wide range of competitive and innovative products and solutions to meet its customers’ needs. In Malaysia, Public Bank is an industry leader in home Ortega financing, vehicle hire purchase financing and commercial lending to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Also, in Malaysia, the Public Bank Group has the highest market share for the private sector unit trust business.

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In Hong Kong, the Group is an industry leader in personal consumer financing. Public Bank is the most recognized brand in the Malaysian financial services industry for its strong brand promise. In terms of size, it is the third largest domestic bank in Malaysia by market capitalization and balance sheet. The Public Bank Group has over 17,160 staff, with 90% of the staff in Malaysia and the rest in its overseas operations in Hong Kong and China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Sir Lankan.

Background of the successful leader (Tan Sir Data’ Sir Dry. The Hong IIOP) [pick] Tan Sir Data’ Sir Dry. The Hong IIOP, aged 79, began his banking career in 1950 and has 60 years experience in the banking and finance industry. He founded Public Bank in 1965 at the age of 35. He was appointed as a Director of Public Bank on 30 December 1 965 and had been the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Bank Group since its inception in December 1965.

He was re-designated as Chairman of Public Bank and Chairman of Public Bank Group with effect from 1 July 2002. He serves as Chairman of the Board Executive Committee. He is the Chairman of the Assets & Liabilities Management Committee, the Share Investment Committee and the Group Human Resource Committee. Tan Sir Data’ Sir Dry. The Hong IIOP had won both domestic and international acclaim for his outstanding achievements as a banker and the Chief Executive Officer of a leading financial services group.

Awards and accolades that he had received include: Sais’s Commercial Banker of the Year 1991 The SEAN Businessman of the Year 1994 Malaysia’s Business Achiever of the Year 1997 Malaysia’s CEO of the Year 1998 Best CEO in Malaysia 2004 The Most PR savvy CEO 2004 The Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Award 2005 for Malaysia Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Financial Services in Asia 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award 2006 Award for Lifetime Achievement in Corporate Excellence, Dedication and Industry 2006 Sais’s Banker of High Distinction Award 2006 The Bureaucratic Brand Personality Award 2007 SEAN Most Astute Banker Award 2007 Lifetime Entrepreneurship Achievement Award 2007 The Pill Recognition Award 2007 Asian Banker Par Excellence Award 2008 Best CEO in Malaysia 2009 Best Strategist Award 2009 Tan Sir Data’ Sir Dry. The Hong IIOP was awarded the Medal ‘For the Course of Vietnamese Banking’ by the State Bank of Vietnam in 2002 for his contributions to the Vietnamese banking industry over the past years. Tan Sir Data’ Sir Dry.

The Hong IIOP was conferred the Recognition Award 2007 by the National Bank of Cambodia in appreciation of his excellent achievement and significant contribution to the banking industry in Cambodia. In recognition of his contributions to society and the economy, he was conferred the Doctor of Laws (Honorary) from University of Malay in 1989. He had served in various capacities in public service bodies in Malaysia; he was a member of the Malaysian Business Council from 1991 to 1993; a member of the National Trust Fund from 1988 to 2001; a founder member of the Advisory Business Council since 2003; and is a member of the PRM Accreditation Privy Council.

He is a Fellow of several institutes which include the Institute of Bankers Malaysia; the Chartered Institute of Bankers, United Kingdom; the Institute of Administrative Management, United Kingdom; the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Australia and the Malaysian Institute of Management. His directorships in other public companies in the Public Bank Group are in Public Investment Bank Bad (Chairman), Public Mutual Bad (Chairman), Public Islamic Bank Bad (Chairman), Public Financial Holdings Ltd (Chairman), Public Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd (Chairman), Cambodia Public Bank Pl and Accompany London Insurance Pl (Chairman); he is the Chairman of several other subsidiaries of the Public Bank Group.

His directorships in other public companies are in LIP Capital Bad (Chairman), London Insurance Bad (Chairman) and Tong Eng Industries Ltd (Chairman). Background of Public Bank Bad Our Core Businesses The Public Bank Group is very focused on its core businesses of providing a wide range of banking and financial services including retail commercial banking, corporate banking, investment banking, stock broking, funds management, wealth management services and Islamic banking. Public Bank is a market leader with a strong and profitable franchise in consumer banking and retail commercial lending to mid-market small- and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia. The Bank’s market share for loans has doubled since 2001.

The Public Bank Group has a strong franchise in depositing business in Malaysia and in TTS overseas operations. Similar to that of loans, Public Bank’s market share for core customer deposits had increased significantly over the years. In terms of scale, the Public Bank Group has a large customer base with extensive points of access in Malaysia and in the region. Strong Financial Ratings Public Bank continues to be accorded with strong credit and financial ratings due to its strong capitalization, strong asset quality, consistently profitable financial performance and strong risk management. Moody’s Investor Service reaffirmed Public Bank’s long-term deposit rating of AH and short-term deposit rating of P-1 with stable outlook.

Standard & Poor’s Rating Agency also reaffirmed Public Bank’s A- long-term rating and A-2 short-term counterparts credit rating with stable outlook. Rating Agency Malaysia reaffirmed Public Bank’s long-term rating of AAA, the highest accorded by Rating Agency Malaysia, and its shorter rating of Pl. Best Retail Bank in Asia Pacific The Public Bank Group’s profile has been boosted significantly in 2009 when it was voted as the Best Retail Bank in Asia Pacific by the Asian Banker based on several criteria such as superior core deposit collection capabilities, value of its ranches, excellent financial performance, sustainability of its balance sheet and risk management. Public Bank won this award, outperforming not only national competitors but also regional peers.

Delivery channels The Public Bank Group further expanded its delivery channels in 2009 to better serve its large customer base of individuals and business enterprises in Malaysia. With 6 new branches established in selected growth areas in Malaysia in 2009, the number of Public Bank branches in Malaysia has expanded to 248 branches. For its domestic operations, Pubic Bank has put in place 1,308 Atoms ND other self-service machines such as Queue Deposit Machines and Cash Deposit Terminals. The Group also has expanded its Internet banking and mobile banking services for greater access by customers to its banking services. Continued Expansion in the Region The BP Brand continues to gain strength in the region. The Public Bank Group’s regional network has been expanded to 109 branches, up from 70 branches in 2006.

Specifically, in Hong Kong, the Public Bank Group has 30 Public Bank (HACK) branches, 42 Public Finance branches and 8 Winston Financial Limited branches. In China, the Group has already opened 3 branches. In Cambodia and Vietnam, the Group has established 15 branches and 7 branches, respectively. In Laos and Sir Lankan, Public Bank has 3 branches and 1 branch, respectively. Similar to the domestic operations, the Group’s key delivery channels such as Atoms and self- service machines in its overseas operations were further expanded for greater customer convenience. Corporate Responsibility As a responsible corporate citizen, the Public Bank Group remains committed to the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibilities.

The Group is confident that its corporate social responsibility programmers in key areas such as education, environmental conservation and support to the needy will not only enhance the quality of life of the affected population but also further boost its corporate image, goodwill and brand. The Public Bank Group’s corporate responsibility initiatives to improve the work place and enhance the welfare of the staff will continue to motivate staff to improve their contribution, productivity and efficiency. The Group acknowledges the commitment and willingness of its staff to sustain its strong organic business growth and further improve on the Group’s renowned customer service and delivery standards. Awards and Accolades

For its solid and consistent financial performance, prudent management and strong management capabilities, Public Bank continues to be recognized with awards of banking excellence. In 2009, Public Bank was honored with 54 awards and accolades, including many repeat best bank awards in Malaysia and in the region by international and highly reputable finance and banking publications. Tan Sir Data’ Sir Dry. The Hong IIOP, the Founder and Chairman of Public Bank, continues to be honored for his astute leadership and immense contributions to the Public Bank Group and the banking industry in Malaysia and in the region. Our Commitment Despite its success, the Public Bank Group will never rest on its laurels.

In the present challenging economic environment, the Public Bank Group will continue to strive harder and commit t more resources to del ever the best to its stakeholders. To its customers, the Public Bank Group will continue to provide effective and competitive financial products and solutions. To its shareholders and investors, the Group will continue to enhance shareholder value through consistent financial performance, prudent management and good corporate governance.