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I’m still feeling a bit sore but that’s what I was These operations are required by a relatively small number of patients each ear, with AAA repair being the single most common operation. All patients needing any of these operations now goes to Chocolates General. However, much of the care will still be delivered at Picnics Hospital for people from east Suffolk, such as their outpatient appointment and investigations and, in some cases, patients for east Suffolk were transferred back to Picnics Hospital for recovery following surgery.

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It is expected that fewer than 1 00 people a year from east Suffolk will have to go to Chocolates General for planned surgery. The vascular surgeons t Chocolates and Picnics have worked collaboratively since 2007 on providing an emergency vascular surgery service for people living in east Suffolk, north Essex and the Clone Valley. The new arrangement includes moving from the current shared out-of-hours service for emergencies to one where all vascular emergencies are treated at Chocolates.

The new arrangement between Chocolates and Picnics is likely to be replicated around the country as the way in which major vascular services are provided is currently under review. Mr. Chris Backhouse (left) and Donna Garland, Vascular Sister, in the theatre Patient Alan Myers had a type of minimally invasive procedure known as an endeavourers aneurysm repair (endeavourers means “inside the vessel”) or EVER, which is an alternative to conventional open surgery. A Steen is introduced into the aneurysm through the arteries in the groin, therefore avoiding a long incision in the abdomen.

A Steen introduced into an aneurysm seals it from the inside and prevents it from growing any bigger. An EVER is less stressful to the body than open surgery and patients can usually go home in 2-3 days and Mr. Backhouse (left) and Mr. Myers return to normal activities sooner July 2012 | page 3 IN THE NEWS Highlighting how the media reported on our Trust last month In June, 17 Trust media releases were issued. Some points of interest:nurse Jackie Smith gave a live interview on BBC Essex about how the Diamond Jubilee was being celebrated on Birch Ward.

We arranged nine interviews with BBC Essex in June. The Daily Gazette took a photograph of Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Chocolates General Hospital and with the Essex County Standard reported that inpatients were able to watch the celebrations on TV for free. AAA press release was issued at 9. Pm on 18 June to make the public aware that the Trust’s Madeline phones were not working. Another release was issued at am the next morning to inform them that the issue had been resolved. The Health Service Journal published an article about how the Trust was spreading the word about the Chocolates Orthopedic Rehabilitation Protocol (CORP.). Coho: As always, there was media coverage about fundraising activities, the most expansive item being a centeredness in the Daily Gazette about the fourth annual Starlight Walk which was held to raise money for the breast unit at Essex County Hospital. Tether subjects covered were the development of a centre for major vascular urge, the Trust’s role in a bladder cancer trial and the Almagest Day Unit refurbishment.

In the news Hospital’s major role in “landmark’ cancer study he Trust has played a major role in a “landmark study’ that is giving new hope to patients with advanced bladder cancer. It found a 13% increase in the survival rate of patients who are treated with a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy rather than radiotherapy alone. A total of 35 patients with advanced (muscle-invasive) bladder cancer were recruited to the clinical trial from Essex County Hospital between August 2001 and April 2008 – almost f the total number of patients in the trial (360) and more than from all bar two of the 45 centers taking part.

A research paper about the outcome of the trial, coauthored by Dry Bruce Seizer, Consultant Oncologist at Essex County Hospital, has been published in the prestigious The New England Journal of Media- cine (NECK), one of the most cited medical journals in the world. In an accompanying comment piece, it is described as a “landmark study”. The study found that the survival rate five years after diagnosis for patients with advanced bladder cancer who were treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy improved room 35% to 48%.

Dry Seizer said: “This is an extremely important study because it found that combining radiotherapy and chemotherapy considerably improved survival and may be similar to removing the bladder surgically. “The average age of patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer is about 70 and a ecosystems is a major operation with potential risks so an alternative, but equally successful, treatment was welcomed, particularly by older patients who might not be fit enough for such big surgery. ” Dry Seizer paid tribute to his nursing and radiographer colleagues in the Clinical Trials Unit at Essex County

Hospital who recruited the patients. Major surgery such as societies is carried out at the Essex Urological Cancer Centre that was established at Chocolates General Hospital in 2006. Patients from all over north and mid Essex have been coming to the centre for either societies or protectionists, which involves removing the prostate gland from patients with prostate cancer. Chocolates has a long track record of participating in both national and international cancer studies. About one in 10 of the patients the Trust treats for cancer takes part in trials, including studies for the Medical Research Council.

US opens successfully The TrUSt’s new sterilizing unit (to be known as the Sterile Services Unit or US), near the Old Boiler House at Chocolates General Hospital, became operational on Monday 2 July after an eventful weekend and successful test run of the functionality and integrity of the new re-processing machinery and systems. The new unit retains the same phone numbers as the former HUSH. i Read all our news releases on our website, under “Latest News”: move. Claustrophobia’s. Nash. UK page 4 | Mainstream i More information from Operational Manager Helen Duran on 01206 742471 o CYBER unit installed

Members of the installation team with Sister Karl Robber’s; Pat Stark, Head of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning and Mark Warner n 28 June a flat-bed lorry delivered to Chocolates General Hospital the latest piece of technology for use during chemical, biological, radioactive or nuclear (CYBER) incidents – a purpose-built decontamination unit. The potential for an incident involving CYBER materials is a risk that the NASH and its partners take very seriously. There are a number of sources of such materials and either an accidental or deliberate release would lead to casualties requiring peccaries treatment.

Mark Warner, Service Manager for Emergency Medicine and Stroke Services, said: “Previously the Emergency Department had used a decontamination tent but as there was a lengthy process to make it ready, patients would wait a long time before the decontamination process begun. Now, the new static unit takes only five minutes for one member of staff to make operational, while for patients it improves privacy and dignity and allows faster throughput, preventing delays in both decontamination and treatment. “We hope there’ll never be an incident which requires us to use our new unit.

However we are now better equipped to be more responsive in any future event. “We’ll be running training exercises soon so anyone interested can come and see how it works. ” July 2012 | page 5 4 BRIEFLY FOR STAFF For more news, staff can go to the intranet: http://Apollo and click on “News” or “Forums” Management changes Julian Greaves and Linda Noncom will be leaving the Trust this month after many years’ service. As a result, and in discussion with the respective divisional clinical directors, associate directors and the individuals concerned, the following changes took place in the Surgical Division on 9 July: I Anne Morris is now Service

Manager for General Surgery, Urology and Ophthalmology I Mel Crouch is now Service Manager for Orthopedic, .NET, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics and Outpatients I Rebecca Popular is now Service Manager for Theatres, Anesthetics and Critical Care I Karen Hull (Interim Service Manager) is now Service Manager for Women’s Services I Jude Ruth is now Service Manager for Children’s Services I Mark Warner is now Service Manager for Emergency Medicine and Stroke Services I Finn Crump is now Service Manager for General & Specialist Medicine I Woven Godchild is now Service Manager for Site Operations and care of the elderly.

Chairs! Award-winning initiative that speeds up the recovery of orthopedic patients has been given an orthopedic patients at Chocolates General Hospital regain mobility, independence and confidence more quickly than ever before following surgery. Lindsey Bingham, Senior Physiotherapist, thanked the Friends for their generous donation. “We encourage social interaction between all the patients on the programmer which is why they eat their meals at the tables and play games together,” she said.

Clive Fletcher, Honorary Secretary of Chocolates League of Hospital & Community Friends, said: “This project really does E,000 meet the aims and objectives of the League. It improves the boost. Patient experience and helps to The Schoolteacher a shorter hospital stay, ester League thus being a ‘win-win’ for of Hospital & everyone. Community Friends ‘We saw how the pilot pharaohs spent the money on nine tables and 54 chairs for use deduced positive results and are delighted to have contributed by patients in on an intensive to rolling CORP. out to other rehabilitation programmer wards.

It is encouraging to help called the Chocolates Orthopedic Rehabilitation Pro- schemes of this nature by reacting quickly. ” tock (CORP.). CORP. is helping Briefly for staff 1,000 mile motorbike ride in 24 hours for unit care unit at Chocolates General Hospital. Andy McGowan began his journey at the hospital at loam on 23 June. He returned 23 hours 52 minutes later, having ridden 1,015 miles in a journey that took in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

He was inspired to raise money for the critical care department after his wife, Sarah McGowan, who is also deputy sister at the hospital’s Almagest Day Unit, spent a day there in January after she became ill following surgery. Andy said: “She was really poorly and it was such worrying time but I was so impressed by the care she was given. Sarah was looked after with such respect and dignity, dedication and professionalism. ” Motorcycling enthusiast Andy, who has done charity rides before, has already raised over E,200. To sponsor Andy, visit: move. Sustaining. Mom/Andy-McGowan Medical Photography – new phone number Medical Photography at Essex County Hospital have a new phone number: 01206 744546. But the fax number remains the same: 01206 744542. More news for staff, page 12 motorcyclist rode more than 1,000 miles in 24 hours to raise funds for the critical page 6 | Mainstream Muddy winners! Or the second year running, our Trust won the Best Educational Tent at the Tendering Show, which went ahead on 14 July despite the atrocious conditions. Torrential rain and a sea of mud failed to halt the 98th show and the 15,000 people who came to the show.

People news 4 PEOPLE II NEWS ABOUT STAFF FROM THE INTRANETS FORUM DEAFEN HANNAH IODINATION, specialist dietitian and HELEN THOMPSON, specialist diabetes nurse have trained to become DEAFEN educators (dose adjustment for normal eating) for north east Essex and can now deliver this education programmer to patients. Recognition! Dry TESTS SHAW and Dry PARKA’S RUDER have been co-hosting the external MRS. (UK) Part 2 Clinical Examination at Chocolates General Hospital for several years. The exam takes place in the Outpatient Department, with the help of Sister Susan Pursuit and Outpatient nursing staff.

This year it was on the weekend of 23-24 June with 15 candidates each day. Twenty patients kindly gave their time too. Over 1 00 staff from our Trust and 15 or so from Anglia Community Enterprise (ACE), along with volunteers from our Hospital Radio, the League of Friends, Coho and Macmillan Cancer Support, brought together 24 stands in a huge oft-Ions marquee to show visitors that the future of health was in their hands. Organizer Paul Sear, Head of Communications at the Trust, said: “A big thank you to all the helpers.

Those of us that were there can truly say, we were At Our Best almost because of, and not despite of, the weather! ” Well done, Darrel! Death of Trash Stewart Volunteers Co-ordinate Lucy Archer writes: “It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of TRASH STEWART [above] on 4 July. Trash was an extremely active and valued member of our volunteer community, helping on main reception at Chocolates General Hospital and latterly on the Homology Day Unit. Trash volunteered for the Trust from January 2010 until Christmas 201 1 and will be sadly missed.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends. ” DARREL SESSIONS from the estates team was named as Chocolates Institute’s Apprentice of the Year on 15 June. Children’s Festival Members of the Children’s Ward were doing face painting and nail painting at the Chocolates Young Children’s Festival on Saturday 16 June in Cheesecloth’s Castle Park. Carolyn Horrified Hospital play specialist said: “The theme was Sports Fest and our display board reflected that theme but with a medical twist, looking at arts of the body used for sport and how to stay safe and healthy.

We raised just over EYE for the Children’s Ward. ” Congratulations, Jerome! JEROME KAFKA has won the Forded Memorial Award for students for the best presentation at the annual UK Radiological Conference. He was presented with the award on 4 July. Radiology Services Manager Sally Lewis said: “Jerome undertook his clinical placement at Chocolates whilst studying at USC at Picnics. He has been a popular enthusiastic student and I congratulate him on gaining this award. ” i Full story in the next edition of Mainstream and on our website, under endearing Show: www. Claustrophobia’s. Nash. K Welcome Lima LIMA HORROR is the new clinical procurement specialist and joins us from the NASH East of England Procurement Hub. He is based in the Supplies Department and can be contacted on ext 2576. This is a new role, providing the Trust with the clinical procurement experience to work with clinicians, to help standardize the range of medical products used, and to promote the procurement of appropriate clinically-acceptable products which represent value for money and facilitate improved patient outcomes. Above: being towed off the site. Below: representatives of the many stands in the

NASH marquee Play specialists Natalie Attwood, Carolyn Horrified and Sarah Amos with ward manager Kim News (second from right) July 2012 | page 7 Win nerd (Team) Winner (Volunteer) Winner (Individual) L -R: Non-executive director Sir John Seaworthy, Chair Sally Irvine, Sue Blanched, Julie Caller and Steps Collins from the switchboard team All photos on this page courtesy of The East Anglia Daily Times L-R: Non-executive director Helen Parr, Sally and Cindy Rogers L -R: Non-executive director Anna Bradley, Sally and Emma Mozzarella Above: At Our Best winners.

Right: on the red carpet and partying afterwards. Below: long serving staff with Sally Irvine, the Chair of the Trust. More photos on our website, under At Our Best Awards: www. Claustrophobia’s. Nash. UK At Our Best and Long Service Awards ceremony and dancing till midnight. The Board of Directors wanted to celebrate the best of the best Trust employees, give recognition to lingering staff at the Trust, recognize the work of our volunteers – and have fun! A red carpet with three “paparazzi” taking photos on it led to the champagne and canapé©s reception next to the pitch.

Guests listened to the sounds of a harpist, while magician performed tricks and entertained the gathering crowd. At pm, toastmaster Dennis Kinsley welcomed everyone, introducing Chief Executive Dry Gordon Scouts and the Trust’s Chair Dry Sally Irvine, who hosted the event. After an introductory he Trust’s first grand At Our Best Awards and Long Service Awards evening was held on 26 June, funded jointly by Chocolates Hospitals Charity (Coho) and the Trust.

More than 225 people came to the evening at the Weston Homes Community Stadium where there was a champagne and canapé©s reception, a glitzy awards video about the Awards, long-serving staff who had 20, 30, 40 or 50 years mutinous service between 1 January 2011 and 31 May 2012 were presented with vouchers and certificates by governors (below). Non-executive directors then announced the overall winners of the Individual, Team and Volunteer categories of the At Our Best page 8 | Mainstream Cover: Ruth French HOC on Rays Lewis Ward and Emma Mozzarella Awards, selected from the winners of the previous quarterly awards.

Billy’s Disco rounded off the evening, with dancing until midnight. Overall, there were nearly 600 entries to the three quarterly awards. Those invited included all of the shortlist individuals, volunteers and team representatives Deadline for the next quarterly round of At Our Best Awards is Friday 7 September. Enter now: www. Surveying. Com/s/At_Our_Best_A wards from the three quarterly awards, along with staff who had the required 20, 30, 40 or 50 years service.

One person at the event – Alice Bolton – had 51 years of service and was presented with a bouquet of flowers, as well as vouchers and certificate. Alice (above centre) is a housekeeper on Rays Lewis Ward at Essex County Hospital and started at the old SST Marry Hospital in Chocolates in 1961. She has also worked for Pall Mall, Tarmac and Carillon after the Trust outsourced some of its revise before bringing them back in-house on 1 October last year.