Servant Leadership

They give attention to human, financial, and physical aspects of the business. In Understanding Leadership by W. C. H. Prentice it is said, “Leadership is the accomplishment of a goal through the direction of human assistants. The man who successfully marshals his human collaborators to achieve particular ends is a leader. A great leader is one who can do so day after day and year after year in a wide variety of circumstances. ” This quote shows how any leader can bring people together to achieve a goal.

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Consequently a great leader, a servant leader, inspires people to achieve repeatedly because they whole heartedly want the best for them outside of their personal dreams and aspirations. The concepts and principles learned in class this semester will help me in my personal and professional life as I go on. The skills I learned through these concepts have already helped me communicate with people using persuasion and avoiding comments that could make the person I’m talking to feel defensive.

You must put the needs of others before your own and continuously encourage them to go beyond their preexisting comforts. The Everest simulation showed us how important communication is within the group in order for everyone to be successful and survive daily, difficult situations. Before every approaching situation, one should think about their personal values and goals to keep a focused and leveled head. Sometimes it takes courage to uphold personal values. Courage as a Skill by Kathleen K. Reardon says, “Overlooking an ethical lapse is tantamount to participating in the event. When making a decision where values are concerned you have to weigh the negatives against the positives. The instance for self- protection and ideas of loyalty may contribute toward making a decision that goes against their personal values. Personal integrity is the most important thing o have, it is important to ensure the company you work for (or the employees who work for) have values that are closely aligned. System thinking was well demonstrated in the movie Twelve Angry Men when the hierarchy that is present in everyday life is taken away.

When people are brought together as equals those who do not usually speak there is an opportunity to bring many points of view together in order to share and discuss topics, solutions, ideas and cuts without pressure or fear of repercussions. System thinking creates a conceptual framework, a body of knowledge and tools, o make the full patterns clearer and help to see the invisible fabrics of the whole in order to see what would usually fall through the cracks. This class has helped me understand who I want to be in any community I may become a part of.

I think I have learned to communicate better after having taken this class. I see the rational in acting less bossy and more collaborative in-group work. I think having a Quaker foundation makes me more receptive toward a life of acting as a servant leader. Eulogies Mommy: Koala was my only child, but our relationship goes much deeper. She was my backbone during difficult times. She had a beautiful spirit with an incredible drive and loving heart. After my mother died, I began to truly see the wonderful woman my daughter had become.

She helped me through probably one of the most difficult times in my life without any bickering but instead a smile. I am so grateful God blessed and selected me to parent an exemplary human being. I will forever love you buttercup. Friend: Koala was one of the quietest and loudest people I have ever met. She had a personality all of her own. She was a delight to be around. She was caring and considerate friend. Koala was always there to lend a listening, nonjudgmental ear through my times of distress.

Co-Worker: Koala was a handwork. She was determined on making an impact in today’s society. She would always say making one-person’s life change for the better was worth all of the hours of sheer dedication. In or out of the office, there was always a smile on her face. She refused to have her work limited to the four walls of a cubicle. She was determined to an everlasting impression on everyone she encountered. She encouraged those around her to find the passion in their own life.