Youth Leadership

Being an academically inclined, organized and determined student I have plopped finely honed time management skills and a capacity to work under pressure, which are qualities I understand that a successful businessperson should have. The range of B subjects I study has prepared me with a sound academic foundation to study business. Studying B Economics at higher level has allowed me to develop my analytical skills through exploring the paradigms of microeconomics and macroeconomics along with the application of economic principles.

Through my economics extended essay was able to analyses the behavior of customers and businesses and utilize my knowledge of microeconomics, which is relevant in the practice of business. Furthermore, mathematics has harnessed my creativity to effectively solve problems through searching for different angles of approach to reach a solution. English has also enabled me to write succinctly in order to articulate my perspectives and further pushed me to think critically and analytically.

My internship at the social enterprise, Dialogue in Silence, confirmed my desire o be immersed in the world of business. I had the opportunity to observe how firms operate, write business emails and attend sales meetings. My public speaking abilities were developed through delivering a professional presentation on behalf of the firm to their corporate clients. Striving to achieve excellence in the tasks I was assigned, pushed me to think innovative, and resulted in my final project being implemented in the firm’s business and educational products.

Similarly, my participation in a Youth Leadership Program enabled me o engage in an NAG group project, where I gained practical skills in research and ascertained the importance of teamwork. The program also provided me with the opportunity to experience different challenges facing today’s business leaders. Through simulations and exploring case studies, I became more intrigued by the complexities of the business world. Throughout my years at high school, my experience as a representative of the school council, Peer mentor and President of Interact club of Hong Kong

Rotary South, have augmented my communication and interpersonal skills. The responsibilities inherent in these leadership positions made me grow into a confident and respected leader in the process of cultivating relationships with members of the school community and local service organizations. My non- academic achievements ranges from completing the Silver Award for Young People, participating in the school cross country team to being involved in service projects, such as the ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ project at Hong

Kong local schools and primary schools in Aching Raja. The variety of service project – both local and international-has shaped me into someone who aspires to incorporate social mission into business. By studying at your university, I can be exposed to diversity, gain international perspective and integrate with China’s.