Question Answer Aerobes Bacteria that requires oxygen to grow . Candida A yeast commonly found in the oral […]

Term Definition D-Day Allies invaded mainlands of Europe, Normandy. This took months to prepare, June 6, 1944. Dictator […]

Question Answer What is viscosity? The resistance to flow Is the viscosity of honey high or low High […]

Term Definition Organism an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form Interact to act in a way that […]

Question Answer Seafloor spreading Magma pushes up through Earth's crust. As the magma cools, it forms new crust. […]

Question Answer flect bend ego I miss send gastro stomach hendon pleasure to turn away from a true […]

Question Answer What major reforms did the National Assembly introduce? The National Assembly introduced the Declaration of the […]

Question Answer Indignant Expressing displeasure Imploringly Begging Contemptuously Expressing dislike or hate Eluded Escaped Unceasingly Without stopping