Question Answer Accede – Syn consent, concur, comply, assent Accede – Ant demur, balk at brandish – syn […]

Question Answer bicameral a legislature consisting of two parts.or houses census a population count taken by the Census […]

Term Definition Circuit The area of jurisdiction of a federal court of appeals Jurisdiction A court's authority to […]

Question Answer Amni/o Amnion Cervic/o Neck, cervix Chori/o Chorion Colp/o Vagina Embry/o Embryo Episi/o Vulva Fet/o Fetus Gynec/o […]

Question Answer Andr/o Male Balan/o Glans penis Crytp/o Hidden Epididym/o Epididymis Orch/o Testes Orchi/o Testes Orchid/o Testes Prostat/o […]

Question Answer political party an association of voters with broad common interests who want to influence or control […]

Question Answer because (bikouz) mert run, ran, run (ran, ren, ran) fut, mukodik, uzemel journey (dzsorni) utazas at […]

Question Answer Federal Reserve System The Central Bank of the United States that regulates the banking system and […]

Question Answer Dais A low platform for lectern, seats of honor, or a throne Transgression An act that […]