The main qualities of a woman leader

Female emancipation began in the early years of the twentieth century. Today, a free, independent and purposeful woman is not uncommon. The representative units of the fair sex with pleasure took over much of man’s world from fashion to business acumen. So who is the woman leader? What is inherent to it and how its style of leadership differs from men?

Social intelligence. A woman leader has a special sensitivity to the relationship between people, successfully captures the moment of the impending conflict and is able to use this information for their own purposes. Agree that the ability to understand the relationship of colleagues and partners to yourself is useful in business and a woman in such matters by nature more receptive.
Restrained emotion. High emotionality a woman leader is forced to hide and control. The surge of emotions and the management of the organization and leadership positions are incompatible, in such a case, a cold mind is necessary.
Work and entertainment: mixing is prohibited. The woman clearly draws a line between business and leisure and does not allow herself to cross it. Is a certain degree of self-defense, because in leadership positions, the girl usually finds herself surrounded by men and she needs to understand that it is now primarily a high-class professional.
Concreteness. A woman leader clearly formulates her thoughts and wishes, controls her and others ‘ mistakes. Usually it prefers short-term prospects to long-term ones. On the one hand, the result here and now perfectly confirms its leadership and professional qualities, but sometimes you need to think globally. To success accompanied as long as possible, sometimes you need to look a little further than usual.
There is no dominance. Experience has shown that women who try to adopt a masculine style of management are not always successful. Women’s leadership is collective, it is able to delegate authority to subordinates, to emphasize their uniqueness and importance for the success of the company, to unite people under his command. This style of leadership is similar to the combination of a large family is a feminine skill.
Persuasiveness. A woman leader is able to ignite a worker’s interest, if someone doubts her actions, she will certainly confirm her opportunities in practice. Thanks to the ability to understand the needs of others, she is able to convince and motivate their subordinates.
The ability to switch. A real woman leader can quickly change from one social role to another (from a” leader “to a”wife, mother”). It also needs a reliable back in the form of understanding and supporting the endeavors of the family. It seems, what difference what the head of the house does, and what her household problems? When you come to work, everything else stays outside the office. Alas, but in terms of women, this rule does not work. A woman wants to do what is traditionally considered “masculine” thing, but to abandon the “female” and she did not want (and sometimes can’t). To combine this, she just needs understanding and help, first of all, from her husband.
Adventurism. Surprisingly, the woman leader is ready to take risks at work. Maybe it is in inborn intuition, which it reasonably ready to commit? A woman leader in any case, a woman risks and often wins.
Adequate perception of critics. When people criticize the man, the leader, he often takes it personally, due to the fact that the work is one of its main means of self-realization for centuries. Perhaps due to the fact that a woman leader is no less an important role “mother” in which she is able to Express itself, criticism at work is not taken it so seriously. She was able to revise the comments received and benefit from them.

Charm. Of course, that the leader of the women won’t flirt with the partners to conclude a bargain. However, she since birth is able to make others, especially men. When the barrier of doubt about the professionalism of a woman leader is overcome, men perceive her feminine nature at the subconscious level. Do you doubt that? Yes, not every leading woman behaves in this way, but it is rather their fault. Do not forget that even as a leader, you remain a woman and can successfully use your feminine charms in business.