Why Do Societies Reject Women Leadership

According to Mason’s theory man’s third need to satisfy is self-assured, leadership desire, and the other psychological needs. If those females lack the third need, the subconscious will not cease sending alerting messages to the body until the need is fulfill. Because we lye in a masculine world, women leadership has become a significant topic. Two hundred million women around the world these days are successful leaders in different field. Women leadership has become a controversial issue, also. It is unacceptable practice in the majority of Islam countries, yet during prophet Mohamed times it was accepted.

Prophet wives were sent to lead medical groups ND fight as soldiers in wars and they help him in spreading the Islam. Not only prophet wives had leadership skills, but also other Muslim women who are well known in history and a lot of people appreciate them. Nowadays, large numbers of people in Islam countries are rejecting the concept of women leadership and consider it against their norms, traditions, and cultures. According to the article, most people link the word male when they think of leadership and they perceive incompatibility between the requirements of femininity and leadership (Lips, 2009).

The opponent against women leadership claims that leadership idea s not matching the requirements of femaleness. However, to be a leader the person need specific skills such as, persuasion and communication skills, which are not affected by the gender. Women and leadership is a great suggestion that will cause equalization between genders around the world. Although women and leadership is against Arab countries principles, it is still a brilliant concept because it will enhance organizations success and solve financial crises.

Regardless of the fact that women leadership is an unpleasant action in the perception of Arab countries, it is still an incredible idea that will improve organizations success. Critics claim that women leadership will diminish the organizations chance to succeed in Arab countries and the rest of the world. This opinion can be easily refuted because there are more than thirty five successful international companies who their CEO is women. Some other companies are owned by women, also.

This shows that these females’ leaders can achieve the yearly organizations goals and overcome any struggles like any male leader. As a result, that may change the view of developing countries about women leadership concept, and will attract other companies to provide more leadership position to women. In 1994, Pepsi in the united state was struggling in the market because the CEO of the company was utilizing business strategies that are not identical to the mission of the organization and he did not have an effective communication skill, which is one of the vital required skills for a leader.

After a year of losing profit the company assigned a new Indian CEO woman who was born in LISA. This new leader not only helped in saving the company situation, but also it improves the sales of the organization by sixty percent. A large number of women have the ability to be leaders; they work harder than men and they higher morals. For example, women constructed and maintained wells better, and took fewer 2009). Moreover, women leadership has become widespread debate because most of the opponents consider it unprofessional in business world.

The reason behind this is that People do not listen to or take direction from women as comfortably as from men, which is not always true. “Women report that they do not feel listened to, that when they speak in meetings their comments and suggestions are ignored or belittled?and that the same comments or suggestions from men have more impact”(lips, 2009). Women usually face stereotyping during meetings, but their response could hanged the condition. Women voices in the last ten years become more listen to than before.

A majority of companies have open supervisory positions for women rather men, especially in public relation departments and human recourse because women more efficient in communication and they are excellent listener. For illustration, ‘HERO” the worldwide human resource organization are lead by an American woman since 1999 and she help to make this organization the most famous organization globally. The manager of one of the Saudi companies called special direction is a woman who have helped in building the company room scratch and her followers where affective listeners.

Hence, females’ leaders will help the organization to succeed by seventy percent, especially in their sales because of their communication and persuasive skills. Critics always consider leading companies to success and women as major issues in developing countries while we can make women leaders a cause to the companies succeed. In spite of the fact that Arab countries think that child women leadership is not appropriate, it is still solving financial catastrophes.

Detractors wrongly assume that ceasing women ruling will give the opportunity to women to look after their Emily and kids and solve the family financial predicament. On the condition that housewives take care of their kids, and save the nanny salary and the extra classes money that the kids take outside the school. These housewives can stay home and still consume the same amount of money. Women who work in a leadership passion have the priority to get an amount of money for having a nanny for their kids, and some companies, namely Nikkei have a nursery inside the company.

Women who have supervisory jobs get a suitable salary, so they can live in appropriate conditions. Companies support married female worker cause of their sensitive conditions. “There are ways for both organizations and individuals to support these women”(lips, 2009). For this reason, critics have an erroneous point of view. Women leadership will help families to decline their financial crisis. In addition, women having a leadership and managerial passion not only will help their spouses to have a better financial life circumstances, but also their families if they were singles.

Some countries, such as Egypt, Sudan, and Bahrain women working as leaders or managers will give them the opportunity to have a suitable salary to be dependable. Because most of these countries face a sigh rate of poverty men alone cannot provide their family with adequate money to satisfy them financially. As a consequence, women leadership will enlarge the number of working women, so their family, society, and economy will benefit and the standard of living will improve. Critics live in ivory towers; they do not know what middle and lower level people face.

The majority of those families need the females to work so they can survive. In conclusion, women leadership is a debatable matter these days. Leadership is more challenging for women than men. People criticize women if she was physically attractive when applying for a managerial job. Beautiful applicants received lower ratings, apparently because they were subconsciously pegged as stereotypically female and therefore unsuited for a job as a boss, while men get higher rate for being handsome.

Critics claim that child women leadership is not professional, it will destroy the businesses, and it will not change the financial conditions. By accepting the other view point, supporters have proved that women leadership concept would help companies to succeed and increase the financial situation. Governments in Arab countries can set specific rules to reduce the stereotyping against leader omen, for instance, the team who do not listen to his female manager or leader should be avoided from getting his yearly bonuses.

Giving female leaders the same authority that male leaders get would be a suitable suggestion, also. While those women are working, organization could provide males who work with them special courses free of charge to make let males communicate with their female bosses effectively, too.. Regulations and special environments can be created in order to have better working situations for women as leaders. Special campaigns can be also done to aware the public to the importance of having women as adders . F Arab and developing countries will not allow women leadership idea in the next ten years in their countries , the rate of poverty, stereotypes , financial , and economic crises will increase. Arab countries do not have the exact picture of what the poor families are suffering from because they stick to mistaken and unfair values. Women and leadership concept will persist so it is better to organize it then to fight it because women these days are more talent and educated than before . Will Islam countries have the same response if they were in the time of prophet Mohammed?