Women in Leadership

Compared with New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America and SOUth Africa, Australia fares worst in the proportion of women in senior positions The lack of women in leadership positions means that organizations are missing out on an important and measurable competitive advantage. Recent research studies show a strong positive correlation between a critical mass of women leaders and outstanding business performance.

From the report “The Caliper(2005) “,study findings are summarized into four specific statements about women’s leadership qualities: 1. Women leaders are more persuasive than their male counterparts. 2. When feeling the sting of rejection, women leaders learn from adversity and carry on with an “I’ll show you” attitude. 3. Women leaders demonstrate an inclusive, team-building leadership style of problem solving and decision making. 4. Women leaders are more likely to ignore rules and take risks.

The first five women leadership in FT Top 50 women in world business (Financial Times Magazine) 1st Indri Annoy (Pepsi Co) Indian 2nd Andrea Jung (Avon Products) Canadian 3rd Anne Leverage (Arrive) French 4th Irene Responded (Kraft Foods) American 5th Gјleer Cabins (Cabins Group) Tutsis Feminism and ideology Division of labor based on gender – men’s jobs & women’s job * (In most cases)men’s jobs bring higher rewards, in terms of status, prestige, power ND pay, even when men and women have the same jobs * There is a system of social inequality which benefits men at the expense of women.

This system tends to permeate the whole of society, not simply limited to occupational roles. It may be reflected: * In religious beliefs (which see men as superior to women) * In marriage vows (which state that the duty of a wife is to serve her husband) * In Education system (if parents support their sons at the expense of their daughters. ) * In family life (if boys and girls are socialized to expect and accept male dominance.

Patriarchal ideology example A woman’s place is in the home * Men should be head of family * Women should be primarily responsible for housework and childcare Part-time employment is suitable for women because of their domestic responsibilities. Many feminist believe these make male domination appear normal and natural and obscure women’s position as second-class citizens, both at home and in the workplace. Business driver How Business drivers impact Women’s leadership opportunity? Measure, Analysis, Monitor Commitment from Executive Management Business driver?

Business drivers are the people, information, and tasks that support the lifetime of a business objective. They lead the company trying to get it away from pitfalls and turn unforeseen mistakes into good lessons for future SUccess and sustainability. Education factors In regular, highly education their can get high job position. And company would like taking smart people for help their business. For economic Individuals have a statutory right to request flexible work arrangements if they are working parents with children 17 or younger or disabled children 18 or younger, or those caring for another family member. 1 Employers must consider al requests and respond in writing While pregnant, women have the right to paid time off for antenatal care and protection against unfair treatment or dismissal. 1 . Pregnant employees must not be subject to working in a risky environment or being exposed to toxic substances; employers must provide alternative work options. 2. Women have full rights to take 26 weeks of Ordinary Maternity Leave, followed by 26 weeks of Additional Maternity Leave. 3.

Statutory Maternity Pay is available for qualified women and provides 90% of gross weekly earnings (no upper limit) for the first six weeks of leave, with the remaining 33 seeks at either El 28. 73, or 90% average gross weekly earnings (whichever is lowest). Women Coos 4% of FETES 100 companies have women Coos. 26 o Angela Rareness of Barberry’s o Dame Marjorie Scarring of Pearson o Alison Cooper of Imperial Tobacco’s o Cynthia Carroll of Anglo American Political a mere 6% of respondents in this survey of 2,500 adults say that, overall, women make better political leaders than men.

About one-in-five (21 %) say men make the better leaders, while the vast majority 69% say men and women make equally good leaders. Women * Honest * Intelligence * Compassion Out going As for job performance skills, women get higher marks than men in all of the measures tested: standing up for one’s principles in the face of political pressure; being able to work out compromises; keeping government honest; and representing the interests of “people like you. ” There are 10 female presidents in Latin America area today.

The number of Member of Parliament of Latin America is 22%. Which is more than E (20%). And more than the average number of world 18. 8%. Also more than Aqua’s 17%. The reasons are: Latin America is more demagnification now. Then make a big lattice rise of aboriginal and low poor people. There are more and more poor people and aboriginal joining to parliament. Region and culture different in Asia area, most of female became a political leader because the family background. And these female leaders do not have the real power or just a little.

The position is still in low level. But either Latin America or E, the female could be the leader because they struggle by themselves and upgrade step by step. When women have made sweeping strides in educational attainment and workforce participation, relatively few have made the journey all the way to the sights levels of political or corporate leadership. Increase the Education and Social position. Make change of traditional concept * Prohibit Patti -bachelor degree of Law and master degree of plutonium. Angela Marker -doctor’s degree in physics * Youngling Sinatra – Political science bachelor’s and master’s politics Taking Sinatra -Criminal judicial master’s degree and doctor’s degree Equal Rights: A majority of adults say the nation needs to continue to make changes to give women equal rights with men. A similar majority says discrimination against women is either a serious or somewhat serious problem n society. However, a bigger majority says that discrimination against blacks is a serious or somewhat serious problem. Work and life balance The past 60 years has seen considerable social change in developed economies.

Increased participation of women in the workforce has led to changes to education models, work patterns and to family structure, with a move from the traditional male breadwinner, single income family to dual earner families which are now very much the norm. These changes to the composition of the work force and the blurring of the division of labor inside and outside of the aerospace has lead to an increased focus on the interactions between work and life outside of work and the activities of being a member of a broader community, including family.

There has been a particular focus on the need to provide work/ life balance – and this has driven changes to career patterns and work practices to accommodate these adaptations. (Robin Newswomen, 2010) * First and foremost, love what you do. Make sure you’re passionate about your job, otherwise it’s impossible to do your best work, let alone balance it with family obligations, social engagements and hobbies. Don’t let life happen to you ? make choices. Some people have more energy than others. Know your limits and schedule your time accordingly. Learn to outsource whatever you don’t like to do.

Don’t enjoy cleaning the house? Then pay someone to do it for you. If you don’t have time to bake a homemade cake for your child’s bake sale, bring in a store-bought one. * Don’t feel guilty about making time for your family. Both work and family are important, and there will be times when you need to prioritize one over the other. This is normal over the course of a career and if you hose your workplace with care, your employer will respect your choices. * Don’t neglect yourself. The soft issues ? such as workplace culture ? really do matter.

You won’t be able to do your best work if your values don’t align with those of your work environment. If you’re passed over for a promotion because you’re pregnant, it’s probably time to consider a change in company, or forge out on your own. If you need to fit in a daily jog to maintain equilibrium, set aside the time and don’t apologize for it * Choose your husband, wife or partner carefully. Once you’re married, you’re an ecosystem doing the work-life dance together. * Recalibrate daily. You might not feel like you’re maintaining a work- life balance every single day.