Women in Political Leadership

In this paper I will examine female political leadership. As a male growing up with a single mom that worked hard for equality, I understand firsthand the struggle that some women are met with. If we analyze the recent years, we can see that there has been numerous women that are soaring into leadership ranks in government. I find the leadership tactics of women prime ministers and heads of state; to have patterns that have emerged for women engaging in political positions in different section of the globe, when it comes to wealth, approach ND communication relations.

In addition, I will be making a distinction between the leadership techniques of women politicians within conventional societies with those directing resistance actions, as a result having a diverse resources and limitations in the way of organization and communication opportunities that are obtainable. Therefore, this paper will also confer the responsibility of ethical investment as a source for female opposition leaders, in specific in undemocratic framework.

Female Heads of Government and the Use of Force There is a great significance of the connection involving a high percentage of women in the legislative body and reduction in military expenditure, sex does affect this. Though, it is the widespread number of women in government that have a larger impression on military expenses than the sex of the particular leader. Just as the election of one African American president, has not ended a history of racism and tumultuous race relations, one female in office cannot aka a notably change in the patterns of the administration.

It will take an increase in the women legislative body of government that we will confirm whether there is a progression in the direction of reduced militarism. Gallagher (1993) projected three constructive conclusions of more women coming into the political arena: more collaborative policies, more diplomatic strategies and directives, and more democratic viewpoints and ideals within the government.